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Caring Family Law Attorney in Cornelius Serving Clients Throughout Mecklenburg County

Providing skilled and supportive counsel to North Carolina families for three decades

Legal issues that involve your family are often fraught with emotion. That’s why when you need help with a family law issue, whether it’s a pending divorce or a child custody dispute, it is important to consult an experienced family lawyer as quickly as possible. At the law office of Susan V. Thomas, P.C. in Cornelius, North Carolina, I’ve focused my 30-year career on protecting the rights and best interests of families and children throughout Mecklenburg County. When you entrust me with your case, I am dedicated to providing you with the kind of legal and emotional support that instills confidence and imparts peace of mind.

Uniquely suited to address your family’s legal concerns

At my law firm, my knowledgeable staff and I strive to offer the greatest possible level of support to each of our clients. When you work with us, you can count on our:

  • Experienced and sound legal counsel — For 30 years, I’ve committed my practice and my career to serving families throughout Mecklenburg County. My experience, knowledge of the law and familiarity with the area’s courts and attorneys allows me to provide the quality guidance you need to resolve your legal issues as painlessly as possible.
  • Diligent representation — Protecting your interests and those of your family throughout your case is my main focus. I am unwavering in my fight to ensure your rights are upheld and your position clearly understood by the court.
  • Caring support — I provide the legal and emotional care you need to make sound decisions throughout your case. I also take great care to shield you and your family against the most draining aspects of the legal process so you can focus on moving forward.
  • Personalized attention — Your family law issue is unique to you, so it’s important that you receive legal advice tailored to your specific needs. I always provide the personalized and attentive guidance you deserve when I commit to your case.

I never forget the toll that family legal problems can take on everyone involved, so I work hard to guide you and your family to swift and favorable resolutions.

Sound legal counsel for a wide range of family law matters

My practice is dedicated to addressing all aspects of family law. I offer legal guidance for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Divorce — Legally dissolving your marriage is often a complicated and emotionally charged process. My comprehensive divorce guidance is designed to help you find the closure you need to move forward with your life as efficiently as possible. I also assist with divorce mediation when that is a better option for your situation.
  • Child custody and support — Disputes relating to the care of your children are often heated and complicated. I am committed to helping you resolve child custody and support disputes as effectively and painlessly as possible, all while protecting your children’s best interests.
  • Visitation rights — North Carolina extends visitation rights to noncustodial parents and grandparents. I offer advice on your visitation rights and your options for exercising them.
  • Alimony — North Carolina recognizes the concept of alimony, also known as spousal support. I offer the advice you need to understand alimony laws and your rights to pursue support following a divorce or separation.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — The future is unpredictable. I offer comprehensive prenuptial and postnuptial agreement advice before or during your marriage that’s designed to help you protect your assets in the event of a breakup.
  • Paternity — North Carolina law requires the legal establishment of paternity before a mother or father can pursue child custody or support. I guide mothers and fathers throughout the legal process of establishing paternity.
  • Name changes — Legally changing your name following a marriage or divorce is more complicated than many people think. I provide comprehensive assistance to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Whatever family law matter requires my help, I strive to protect your rights and best interests throughout your case.

Contact an established North Carolina family lawyer to discuss your specific needs

At the law firm of Susan V. Thomas, P.C., I am proud to serve families throughout Mecklenburg County. With 30 years of legal experience, I have the knowledge and insight needed to help you address even the most complex and contentious family law matters. To learn more about my services and gain insight into your legal options, contact me online or call my Cornelius office at 704-765-4242 today.

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